Thursday, July 17, 2014

Crystal Precious Vlog 01 - Self-Sass Injections

YUPPPPP... After almost 10 years of posts in the written word on my blog, I'm breakin' out into the DIY vid blog world!!! The editing is kinda brutes at the mo, but I know I'll get better at it. Gotta go through that time before you get good at something, right? Yah. Important thing is to get started. :) These are my actual practices, particularly the psychological ones... still keep these all in effect on a daily.


Benzonite Clay - Ummmmm, its actually Bentonite. Rrrrrright. Whupps. :) Anyway here are the deets.
Chia Seeds are MADE OF UNICORN MEAT Learn it.
Kimmy Karolyn is my awesome in-home hairstylist, PM her if ya live in Vancouver and enjoy quality

COME SEE ME TONIGHT and every Thursday if you're around, I'm performing and hosting at The Keefer Bar, as always!!!

All show detes & times are here:

Here's the info for the BASSCOAST, the AMAZING festival l I keep talking about: 

I literally cannot wait. We've been working our ASSES off at Sweet Soul for our giant show on Saturday night at 10pm... wooooooooooot!!! 

huge love errrrbody. kisses n' kix,