Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Shifting Gears - Less Performing, More Recording!!!


So with the exception of Bass Coast (of course) it's looking like 2015 is gonna be that year where I take a summer or two off from performing a bunch on the festival whirlwind . Also, with the exception of my Crystal Precious Guide to Festival Raving (coming next week!), I'll probably be blogging less often over the summer.

This step-back is not a perma-change by ANY means; I'm just taking a time-out this summer to re-focus and enjoy this gorgeous province on a more introspection-style tip, taking the time make sure my record is getting out there, and maybe even writing some new effin' songs for eff's sake. It's Transition O'clock in Sass Town, I'm very much shifting my energy slowly but surely away from the stage for awhile and into more recording and shooting, with the end goal of getting my work out there and maybe even doing more substantial tours in the future. I'm still gonna do Keefer Bar for the time being -- because it's the BEST -- but I'm also gonna give myself the space to fully get swept into our big video project, create/collaborate on more new songs and plant all the seeds that will hopefully keep more of that type of thing coming out for a bit over here.  So I might not be out gallavanting on dancefloors or on stages as much this year... but I'm very much “here”, maybe even more so than usual. 

SO looking forward to Sweet Soul Burlesque's show this year on their Main Stage!!! YAHHHH!!! Gonna be so fabulous I can't even handle it. At ALL. Well, maybe a little. With my hot hot hand. :) 

Kisses n' kix