Saturday, February 16, 2013

My New Website & "Apple Pie" Music Video!!!

'Supppppppp Sasspots!!


Oh I'm so excited I could pee. It really turned out rad.  I am so grateful and pleased to have such fabulous friends... we made this on a total shoestring with help from so many amazing people... but most of all I am so grateful to S. Mackay-Smith for being so fabulous and awesome and patient and smart and making this one of the best experiences ever. He is a phenomenal director and put so much time, love and energy into this... we are all truly grateful.

AND THANK YOU so much in advance if you are willing to share the video link... we really just want to put some new rad freshness into the world. Rep the genuine DIY grrl vibe happening in the REAL burlesque scene & all the new interesting music happening on the West Coast... time to get that shit out there and hopefully spark some magics. :)

AND ALSO - CHECK OUT MY NEW WEBSITE!! Click here or go to

I'm gonna leave this old blog up for awhile as I will still have an index of all my most popular blog posts on the blog section of the new site, so fear not! I'm still here. I'm gonna do shorter, more frequent blogs on the other site but every once and awhile I will do an longer editorial one (working on a couple right meow). I love to write and I've been blogging for almost 8 years!! Not planning to stop anytime soon. <3 br="">
All my love. Always. <3 br="" xoxoox="">CP