Thursday, August 7, 2014


SOoooooo Sweet Soul Burlesque is safely back in Vancouver and all ready to hop back up onstage at The Keefer Bar tonight (come!!) but I wanted to say that performing at Bass CoastMusic Festival this year was absolutely, without a doubt, one of the fave shows I've performed ever. Werkin' that unbelievable stage with the grrlz was something I'll remember for the rest of my life. Extra thanks to Darrell Stables, PJ of PK Sound, Brenda Holmes, DJ K-Tel, Liz Thompson, Andor Tari & team for making us look and sound frickin' amazing. 

Here's an idea of what we were working with as far as the stage, which was a full sinking pirate ship and a giant curl of wood built to look like a wave (this is from stage left):

Here is a great blog by Some Kind of  Music Blog with some amazing pics and a good sense of the environment:

Annnnd... here is a moment of me as “Captain Hooker”:

And the very first album of pics uploaded of our set vt Shazam Mac:

So much more to say about all of this, and looking forward to getting in a FULL review this weekend as I relax on the coast with my little raccoon Tristan Risk.  In the meantime you can download a copy of most of the songs I performed here:

Neverending gratefulz from my sparkly eyes & bum. <3 nbsp="" p="">