Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Crystal Precious Guide to Festival Raving - 2017 Edition

It's that time again!!


Normally I write out this epic bazillion page detailed Guide every year with stories and anecdotes and revisions and blah blah "in my voice"... BUT THEN... it dawned on me. Why don't I LITERALLY put this in my voice? *ligthbulbs. ! OH SHIITTTT.

It's CP podcast o'clock, bishes. Your laundry day / commute / workout / etc just got SASSIER. And yes, I'll be releasing episodes every week after this! Been recording episodes for months I tell you. Not joking. MONTHS. :) :)

If you use iTunes / iPhone, here be the link!

Androids click here! 

Download them in .mp3 format here:  EP 001   EP 002 

I'm also streaming them on Soundcloud (below in order). All the detes / reminders/ etc are there!

As mentioned in Ep 001 I've also included a Cheat Sheet of all the crap you need to remember for later visual reference while you're packing & prepping in case you're like me and your short term memory isn't the greatest anymore (hmmm wonder why THAT could be)...

CP Fest Reminders Cheat Sheet
CP Fest Packing List

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See you at Bass Coast on the Mainstage Friday!!

Snapz n' sashays..


Bass Coast Main Stage 2014
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