Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sisters in Sass - Congrats to Luciterra Dance

This week I wanted to take a sec and give some love to a crew I greatly admire in the Vancouver performance scene, Luciterra Dance Company.

If you are unfamiliar with Luciterra's work, they are incredible human beings who have worked tirelessly to hone their craft and particular style of American Tribal Style belly dance. Not only do they perform mind-blowing shows, they also teach a multitude of classes (you can find them at the Vancouver Burlesque Centre) and have fostered their own community within the city of lovely lady loves with dance stars in their eyes. They regularly re-invest in their professional development as dancers and have been strong social justice advocates for as long as I've known them. This year they have finally incorporated as a Worker's Cooperative, and operate as a consensus-based and non hierarchical collective.

It is very rare to find a group of people who are so communally committed to being involved in every decision process and creation stage of a project. This is an insane amount of dedication and I really admire and respect the work that has been put into it. It is truly teamwork at its most ideal.

I am quite pleased and honoured to be performing at their 5 Year Anniversary show on Saturday night at a little known hidden gem in the city, Sideshow Studios. This is a performance and circus community hub on 2nd Ave, and there will be a multitude of fantastical showpeepz doin' their thing.

Performances by:
Crystal Precious (that's me!)
Chris Murdoch
Yuki Ueda
Students from Luciterra's school
Scarlet Lux
Nicci (Tha Fae)
Candance Aldridge Sanchez

w/ DJs K-Tel & Pollinator

Sideshow Studios (15 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver)
Doors 8pm, Show begins at 9pm
$10 - $20 Sliding Scale (fundraising for Luciterra to go to India to study dance)  

You can watch a multitude of videos of their work but I really recommend that you try to see it in person. I am always astounded by their level of poise, professionalism and straight up HOTNESS.

See you there on Saturday!!