Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kitten Make-Outs and Hippie Realness


Fair. It's been a hot minute since I've revved the ol' pull cord on this blog. I needed to take a step back and do some that there personal work don't-ya-know, not the least of which included channeling all my writing-type juice into journaling. Apparently, or so they told me, you're supposed to do that kind of shit in a totally unbiased way like, NOT involving the idea that other people will be reading it. I was like, GASP!! WHILE NO ONE'S PAYING ATTENTION??? RIDICULOUS. What's the POINT even?? :) Hahahaha. Needless to say I soon remembered "the point", and it worked its magic, among other things. Now I'm feeling like the new year has come, the energy has shifted and I'm closing the page on an extremely important and transformative year of my life. Snake business INDEED. 

In the meantime did upload a spanky new website (as noted in my last post below almost a year ago) in which I posted a few press releases and newsletters. You can still see them if you click to my site in the menu bar above and then hit the NEWS tab. I really only did about one editorial post, which I'm copy-posting here just cuz I think it's funny and still pretty true. Reading it now I can see clearly that it's me giving myself permission to fully step into this upward shift in consciousness, and trying to work out how that was gonna fit into my sassy-ass bitch ways. The first step was language. It's always language. For me semantics is a key magic power (as you'll read about in my next post about writing bios) so my language did change quite a bit after this and continues to evolve into new depths of showgrrrl hippie realness lingo. It was and continues to be hilarious I feel. Robert Downey Jr, Cherry's spirit animal, agrees.

Looking forward to letting the words flow once more here... also to doing some video blogging! Got me a fancy new HD camera type thingy so I can talk at you too!! As an important introduction, please observe this amazing video of my hot friend Leiah Droptryx's two kittens making out. 

CRITICAL STUFF HERE FOLKS. Ohhhh we're gonna have fun this year. I can feel it. 

All the lurrrrve,



From April 3rd, 2013:
Sup Sasspots!

Important announcement. 

To commemorate my 32nd year upon planet Earth, I'd like to publicly announcing my official life / runway category for Spring/Summer 2013: Crystal Precious: Serving Hippie Realness.
That's right bitches. It's full-on fucking hippie-diva-huntie city up in this piece. And I'm not talking about excuses to do a shit-ton of hallucinogens or to try to get laid, cuz although that stuff can certainly be part of the process, I think I'm now past that part... and actually I don't need excuses for any of that shit. I'll just do it. But now we're getting into the deep shit. Like REALNESS. So like, in my self-proclaiming CP-style diva-twerked self-encouragement of healing stuff, loving nature & like, being conscious of like, consciousness and shit, I hereby declare a general shift in that direction.
Prepare yourselves for harmonized backstage chanting of diva "power" songs (MIA's "Bad Girls" is a SSB fave at the mo), newstyle creature medicine-speak to go along with our super-cute animal costumes and such expressions as "Spirit says ___ Huntie!! " accompanied by ultra dramatic finger-wagging. ("Spirit says follow your damn heart Huntie!!''; "Spirit says let's recycle all these empty champagne bottles!!" etc. etc.) 

I say if it's from the heart, and its not misconstrued or disrespectful appropriation. Again: its REALNESS. I say why NOT have fresh and entertaining ways of bringing spiritual language into our every day lives? And WITHOUT associating it with the somber, dramatic sensationalism and negative stereotypes normally associated with "new age" culture? Fuck all that shit, that's not how we do. Some frontin' bad rap's not gonna stop me from aligning my effin' chakras. I think its total bullshit that people write off one of the most important aspects of life because of misrepresentation, other peoples' possible eccentricities or lack of authenticity. Every culture's had their own twist on many of the same belief systems for thousands of years... why the fuck can't we? Let's have as much fun with it as we do with everything else. 

I feel it's important. AND IT'S HAPPENING.  FYI. SO THERE. 
Announcement complete.

With warmest regards, ultra hot pink sassvibes and pure love,
Crystal Fucking Precious

Image by Tiffany Ireland / Make-up by Teresa Bussey of Dead Heaven