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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Post modern bananarchy / aries horned warrior belligerence / overflowing everything / red kimono golden dragon / earth harp eye squirting / dmt desertion / ringing temple ultra-catharthis / pink courtney surgery / bike trail follow fallout / chainsaw margheritas / lady-tramp pizza sharing / santa-fucker monkey whipping / deep french quarter release / tiki flaming juice / drum n bass nostalgia kicks / dance floor prosecco church communion / steampunk octopis / FIRE flame fire fire fire flames fire lighta! fire flame fire FIRE / antler mohawk wheelchair motorbike / bronners whipped cream aquarium swimming / gash aggravation / knee scratching / stripper callous celebrating / venus gas-mask g-string bracelet / ladder spinning bed trannie dating / transit ejection pre-resurrection / passion-horse trojan love-explosions / porn-star shower consolations / fire fire fire hand to hand to hand to hand / hugs / touch / stylus sunrise / two be see the endless skies and beauty and light pour and swirl and coat me deeply, finally, ENTIRELY in love like so much playa dust... and LOVE and LOVE and I LOVE and I am LOVED.


A part of me has died. It's gone. Ashes.

It's a new motherfucking ballgame bitches.

Prepare for FIRE.


(Here are some gorgeous photos by Michael Holden of the Man exploding & the Temple at sunrise; for more click here, thanks and love to Michael for these and for all that are forthcoming; I am humbled to find people who can capture this event's epic beauty so well. Um... HOLY FUCKING SHIT. xoxo)