Thursday, February 26, 2009

This is Why We're Hot


i'd like to address that
i'm still obsessed
with burlesque
i been workin' pretty hard since you seen me last
i passed the class
true believers in sass
& i ain't talkin' bout some uninspired tittie flash
& cash
will come but i ain't one for money grabs -
i'm not tanning or perfecting my abs
in fact, i'm still me
& forever CP
& i'll be killin' it onstage
where i'm meant to be

i gotta story bout a glory
that i didn't quite have yet
a little birdie spread it all over the internet
i read my words coming back to me
comin' soon it'll be on everybody's TV

a little Slice of advice for free
not every player in this game's got integrity
had to take a step back
was beginning to crack
needed to re-assess my needs
a new plan of attack
that's why they call us all troupes
cause we're fighting the fight
tryin' to get some shit started like I will tonight

hold tight & enjoy the ride
all the party freak grrls Dollhouse tonight
all my rockabilly grrls Dollhouse tonight
all my punk rock ladies Dollhouse tonight
all my liberated men Dollhouse tonight
got the big bass movement with some freedom in sight
so invite your best friend
let go if you can
gonna gather here together saying Fuck The Man.

now before i clear the stage i got one last thing to say
a shared love can be as simple as a DJ
my saving grace a lot of times is play
i think as far as playing goes we might be doin' okay ;)
i never wanna lose my sense of pretend
& that is how we will survive in the end
so if you find yourself left with just yourself & your friends
then you've got everything you need
we'll be provin' that next.