Thursday, July 20, 2017

How To Misbehave Ep 004 - Shay Lhea & Bass Coast Denoument

This episode features the stunning Shay Lhea (right, with her incredible partner Brix, left), a whip-smart artist with brilliant insights galore AND -- you guesssed it -- a VERY sassy personality.  I'm a very big fan -- SHOCKER. :) Here she spills about how she didn't actually even WANT to go to Bass Coast, ended up there anyway, and had a VERY different experience than she expected. Check out Ep 004 of How To Misbehave and don't forget to subscribe!!  Photo by Joffrey Smiles, courtesy of Bass Coast Festival.

Shay (right) with her partner Brix (left). Photo by Joffrey Smiles courtesy of Bass Coast Festival.